Information is Physical

A blog about doing physics on computers, mostly.


Recent Posts

Random Walks

An introduction to random walks in physical models, including Einstein’s explanation of Brownian motion. Using D3 demos we see how such models allow us to link microscopic behaviour to things we can measure in the lab.

The Oldest Referee

‘There are no rules in football, just laws, and I'm the judge and executioner.’

Pickup Sticks & Pi

Measure π just by dropping sticks on a table and counting them. A demonstration of Buffon’s needle using the HTML5 canvas.

Useful Mac Apps for Scientists

A review of some of my favourite software for doing science on a Macintosh.

Ten Thousand Days

Today I reached a milestone. I’m ten thousand days old. This curiously comfortable planet has spun around 10⁴ times since I joined the party.

Sing of Old Djurgården

A match report of Djurgården’s crucial end-of-season game against Gefle at the Olympic stadium.